Investments in the recording studio.

The idea is to open a professional recording studio with high-quality equipment for cooperation in the field of show business. Writing, selling arrangements, creating songs for the key, sound recording. Cooperation with artists.

At the moment, preparations are under way for implementation. There is a client base of about 20 people. Communication with the producers.

The market of sound recording is flooded with a lot of "home-level" studios, which is unsatisfactory for professional artists. Professional recording studios on the market are few and the price of their services is often excessively high. In most studios there are "home-grown professionals". In this case, to work in the studio, it is planned to attract professionals who are ready to give a guarantee of the quality of the products.

Mainly it is planned to work in the market of domestic show business. Writing of quality arrangements and creation of songs for sale, sound recording of artists. Demand for quality products is always, but the price for such products is high. It is planned to create an attractive offer - high quality products for a reasonable price.

Since producers of high-quality music products overstate the price of their services, it is planned to attract new customers with high quality products for a reasonable price, thereby forming a base of regular customers for further work.In the foreign market, competition is high, but in most cases it is a nonprofessional product at considerable prices.Competition is not high on the domestic market. In most, the product of professional quality has an inflated price.

The advantage is the high quality of the product for a reasonable price. Also for the domestic market providing a full range of services for the production of compositions for diverse artists. Those. for the price at which the composition is sold on the market (text + arrangement), it is also planned to provide recording services and post-production. Thus, in addition to the idea, the client receives a fully prepared composition.

The average cost of the author's song (text + arrangement) in the professional market to date is on average $ 1000 without recording and post-production. Price for not exclusive tool for your own text in a foreign non-professional market (Europe, USA) from $ 200, for exclusive - from $ 400, taking into account the alienation of copyright in the sale. In the case of a lease, the price depends on the type of lease and varies from $ 20 to $ 100 per instrument.

Target audience - artists of the show business. For the domestic market, it is planned to establish additional contacts, as well as sales of products through existing intermediaries. For the foreign market - the sale of material via the Internet on specialized platforms. Establishment of contacts with foreign producers and access to a professional foreign market with competitive prices. Since the product is a product of creative activity - the cost of its production is the time, the electricity expended on the work of equipment, payment for renting the premises, as well as the percentage of the transaction as a payment for the performer.

Payment is possible in various ways - from electronic currencies (for the foreign market), to payment in cash (for domestic).

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