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Artist name: G.M. VEE

Artist Socials:
[Instagram] https://www.instagram.com/gmv808/
[Twitter] https://twitter.com/gmv808

Song name: Shameless
Song link: https://ffm.to/gmvee-shameless
Song Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/y6MhSW3fJeU

New Artist Alert! Check out “Shameless” by G.M. VEE for a quick recharge! 2020’s best new comer?!

Born in Africa (Uganda), G.M. VEE is a talented R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop genre blurring artist who at the age of 15 moved to the U.S. to continue his High School studies. He adapted quickly to the American lifestyle and the students in his High School thought his accent was funny. He would go on to make friends faster than he expected but felt weird about it, simply, because it was too good to be true. Around this time, G.M. VEE relied heavily on music to relieve his stress from school. In his room, he listened to music and danced. His family often complaining about the noise. G.M. VEE had started to enter his own shell. Considering the fact that music had been a big part of his life watching the MTV channel ever since he was a kid, looking up to stars like Michael Jackson, Eminem, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, and more. It’s no surprise that G.M. VEE chose the path of music despite picking up a new interest during his High School days, acting.

After settling in at his local High School in Brockton, Massachusetts, G.M. VEE took a few acting classes and acted in a few plays in his junior year of High School while practicing rapping and singing on the side. He eventually fell in love with theatre and would go on to pursue this as his major in college before dropping out a year later. He would come to make this decision after watching kids that were younger than him doing what he loved on the Disney channel without a college degree. He felt foolish. So, in the summer of 2018 with no intentions of going back to college, he signed up for an acting event (IMTA) to showcase his acting abilities in front of casting agents, movie directors, and last but not least some of the best acting schools from all over the country. Unfortunately, the outcome for him after this event would greatly disappoint him. Having spent seven days in New York performing in front of 200 plus agencies, he would only manage to get one call back, and that was from the New York Film Academy. This was not what he wanted. Most people would have jumped at this opportunity but G.M. VEE walked away.

Back home in Massachusetts, he reflected on the event and took this as a wakeup call. This was the turning point for G.M. VEE. His passion had always been music, but he had lost focus of what made him in view of the fact, he was chasing empty dreams. With The Weeknd being one of his biggest inspirations, G.M. VEE is now focusing on building his music career in hopes of breaking through the modern trap and r&b scene with his singles; “Vibes on My to Do List,” (Trap/R&B) “One Last Call,” (R&B) “Why Can’t You Leave Me Alone?” (Pop) and his biggest single to date inching closer to 100k streams on Spotify, “Shameless” (Hip Hop/Rock). Even though G.M. VEE’s music is full of mysterious tales with a dark, eccentric, and deflective tone behind powerful vocals, it still manages to bring joy to a striving heart. Keeping to his mysterious roots and giving you more of himself musically rather than personally, G.M. VEE is preparing for a full-length release in 2021. It’s through his music that you will get to know him, so, stay tuned.


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